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you can choose from a list of other famous tours as listed below.

Wildlife Tours &

A wildlife trip to India will provide for a close encounter with these marvelous species, in their natural habitat. Indian wildlife is adventurous to say the least and that is what makes it ever more impressive.

What's more. Indian jungles are equipped to give you natural beauty beyond imagination, fun, thrill.


We know that how hard is it for a newly married couple to decide where to go to enjoy their honeymoon but we reduce your hassles and worries by offering you the most suitable, luxury and affordable honeymoon destinations where you can enjoy eventually.

We have prepared attractive honeymoon travel packages that offer peaceful, romantic and private time.

Tour Operator in India

India is not just a country, it’s a huge collection of different cultures, traditions and emotions. We take immense pride in our diversity and the unity that binds us together as a nation.

If you’ve already visited India before, you know how it’s impossible to cover everything in a single trip, no matter how long you stay. From north to south and east to west, our country offers so many experiences that sometimes it gets very perplexing to make to a planned trip to India.

This is exactly why you need a top tour operator in India to show you around the country. We, at Apex Voyage, have been hosting guests from outside India for over two decades.

Our years of experience has taught us that different visitors from around the world coming to India have different expectations from the trips. While some are looking to know about the different cultures in different states, others prefer to enjoy the natural scenic beauties of India. We these requirements from our clients, and plan an ideal tour package for them.

Our team believes in delivering the exact experience that our clients hope for when they visit India, and more. Though we sometimes boast ourselves as the best tour operator in India, we completely understand that even we can’t cover everything in India in a single trip. This is why we have categorized Indian trips into different packages. These packages will help you decide what kind of trip you would want when you are visiting India the next time.

Let us give you a brief description of the different types of packages that we offer to our clients.

Same Day Tours

All our single day luxury small group tours in India are handcrafted for those who want to get the maximum out of limited time in India. Most of these single day packages are planned between two major cities for tourists in India. The whole aim of these tours is to cover all the major destinations in the two cities included in the different packages.

We want to be as clear as possible that these packages are only suited for early birds. Most of these trips start early in the morning and will go on for the entire day until late at night. It is quite obvious that you need to be an active travel enthusiast looking to experience more India in less time in order to truly enjoy these packages. Currently, we have included packages for major attraction in North India, more specifically in and around the famous Golden Triangle of India.

Golden Triangle

If we were to call the tour of a specific region in India as our USP, then it would most certainly be the Golden Triangle in North India. Even if you haven’t heard of this name before, you must have heard about the three cities that form it. These tourist gems of India are Delhi, Agra and Jaipur.

It must just be a coincidence that three of the most visited cities in India are so close to each other. Apex Voyages lets you experience the best of this region with a wide range of tour packages to suit every single tourist visiting India. Not only are there day-specific tour packages for this trip, but there are also several additional packages that let you visit other hidden gems around this region. No matter what package you select, we promise you that you’ll return home with a bucket-load full of memories of the India when you travel with Apex Voyages.

Special Tours

Now we come to the more specialized packages that we can offer. These packages are specifically designed for those tourists who want to experience the true beauty of India during their trip. Different packages of the category are themed around particular experiences that visitors in India are expecting during their trips. If your whole purpose of visiting India is to truly live the culture of India, then we have a specific cultural and classical tour for you. Similarly, there is a wildlife tour package, a Rajasthani heritage tour package and different fairs and festival packages to suit everyone’s taste.

While it’s true that India can’t be summed up into a bunch of packages, we, as one of the most reputed tour operators in India, try our best to offer our clients an opportunity to fully explore a certain region or experience in India. You are always welcome to try different packages for your upcoming trips and India will feel like a whole new country every single time. Enjoy the best of India by checking out all our packages in detail from this website and contact us for a journey full of adventure to one of the most mesmerizing countries in the world.

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