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09:56:40 PM, Dec 12 2019

5 Amazing Things To Do During Your Trip to The Thar Desert

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Whenever you see India in some Hollywood movie, it’s almost always represented as a country-sized desert with massive castles and charming princes. We’re not saying it’s completely false, but it’s safe to say that India is so much more than just that.

But here, we will be talking solely about ‘that’ part of India. The part which attracts tourists from around the world when they see it in their movies and TV shows. That’s right, this blog is about the charming and breathtaking Thar Desert which is just perfect to add to your itinerary of golden triangle tour in India!

The Thar may not be as giant as the Sahara Desert in Africa, but it’s pretty vast to leave your jaws wide open with its massive piece of open landmass where you can see as far as the curvature of the earth lets you.

Needless to say that watching clear land and sand dunes is not the only thing you would want to do during your trip to the Thar Desert. But what else can you do in a barren land with virtually no one around your for hundreds of kilometres, right? Wrong! Besides its scenic charm, the Thar offers its tourists a wide range of activities and things that can keep you entertained for weeks. And this is exactly what we will be talking about here. Here are 5 things you can do when you’re visiting the Thar Desert in India.

1. Overnight Camel Safari

Overnight Camel Safari

When you’re in a desert, even the most powerful 4 Wheel drives with broad-grip tires will eventually give up on its sand, which has almost zero friction. Even if you do manage to get your vehicle riding, it’s surely not going to a very comfortable ride.

For thousands of years, nothing has managed to beat Camels for traveling around in deserts. Also known as the ship of the deserts, Camels have thick, cushion-like toes that make them walk for thousands of kilometres in open areas and an unbelievable sense of direction that makes them your ideal companion for desert safari. Enjoy a night-full of a desert ride at the Thar Desert and witness its true beauty under the blanket of thousands of stars visible in the clear sky.

2. Desert Camping

Thar Desert Camping

Camping in the Thar desert is simply as mind-blowing as it is convenient. With the city of Jaisalmer on its eastern shore, the Thar lets you enjoy a unique camping experience in its vastness of nothingness. To make your night perfect, several tour operators in India will arrange camping facilities at the Thar Desert for you. To enjoy the best of desert camping, we would recommend you to visit it during the winter season.

3. Rajasthani Dinner in the Desert

Rajasthani Dinner in the Desert

If you’re not really into camping, then a relaxing and delightful dinner in the Thar is also on the table (pun intended). If you’re not familiar with the brilliance of traditional Rajasthani food, then you are in for a BIG surprise. We won’t spoil your experience by talking about the different varieties of mouth-watering Rajasthani dishes, but we can do is absolutely recommend you try it out while you’re sitting under a clear sky and open lands of the Thar Desert. No wonder it’s one of the most romantic things to do when you’re in India!

 4. Sunset at Thar

Sunset at Thar

It’s no secret that there is no match against deserts when it comes to beautiful sunsets. The vast and clear lands let you enjoy a giant sun sinking down the horizon as the Thar gets ready to glitter under the reflection of stars in the night. Another reason why you should visit the Thar during the sunset is that sunsets are longer here than anywhere else. All these solid reasons point in only one direction for making the most out of a sunset, The Thar Desert.

5. Desert Activities

Desert Activities

Yes, we know we had told you earlier that bikes and cars aren’t the best options to commute in any desert, but those are certainly good for adventure sports in the deserts. There are many activities available in Thar that are related to biking and motorsport that you can enjoy. Again, just a friendly reminder that you should leave the traveling part to camels there.

So, what are you waiting for? Book your trip to the Thar desert with our Golden Triangle Tour with Jaisalmer right away!